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Banking & Financial Services and Insurance

With the advancement in today’s digital space and technologies, financial institutions are keen on offering their customers services that ease the transaction processes by making it more efficient and convenient. In the meantime, they must also have an eye for fraudulent transactions, people defaulting, money laundering etc. They potentially harm the institution in a greater way. This is one of the primary reasons why an effective BFSI call center is required to be in place to manage all the processes.

It is imperative for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies to partner with the right outsourcing partner who provides 24x7x365 customer service falling under a range of requirements including: collections, Payment reminder, to name a few.

Vindhya’s years of expertise and its skilled and professionally trained workforce enable us to offer high quality and cost effective services in the areas of BFSI sector. Vindhya caters to an array of both customer support and back-end services related to BFSI. With support of latest technology and skilled professionals, Vindhya takes care of establishing an effective and various modes of communication channels between you and your customers thereby assisting you in improving the brand value. It has truly become the market leader in offering BFSI call center services.

Over a decade Vindhya has gained experience in offering the following outbound calls for various BFSI organizations:

Welcome Call

A warm welcome call is done to the customer welcoming them to the brand and explaining them various features of the product. It improves customer satisfaction, brand recognition and long term association.

Loan Eligibility Calls

A set of qualifying questions are asked with a prospective customer to access their eligibility status for the loan. This also acts as a first level filtering round where only potential warm leads are then transferred to the next level.

Loan Disbursement Confirmation Calls

Confirmation calls are made to clients to ensure the correctness of the data captured as per the application form.

Loan Utilization Check (LUC)

Shortly after loan disbursement, Outbound calls made to conduct a LUC check to verify the appropriate use of the loan by the clients. According to compliance requirement LUC checks is an integral activity. LUC calls acts as a third party verification audit call.

Reminder Calls

Various types of reminder calls are made to the clients to remind about the due dates for their loan payments. This helps the customer to ensure adequate funds are available in the account.

C-SAT/Survey Calls

Such calls are called as “Voice of Customer (VOC)”. These calls measure the customer satisfaction levels with the product and the brand. Behavior assessment calls are also done to gauge the employee behavior at the field and the branch level interaction with customers. It helps to perform various analyses on the data collected and in turn helps the BFSI organization to identify and improve the service offerings.

Collection Calls

Primary objective is to collect money back from the customer, but many customers do not know the impact if they default on their payment. These calls help the customer to be educated about CIBIL and credit rating scores. It enables defaulting customers to pay back and also an opportunity to cross sell another loan product, thereby increasing the revenue of the company.

Lead Generations Calls

During the outbound calling, a customer is probed further for future prospects for other products and information on the interested product is captured for further lead generation. It is an Up selling/Cross selling activity which helps to increase the revenue of the company.

3X collection solutions from Vindhya in offering BFSI call center services:

  • Works as an extension of your branches – Vindhya offers seamless coordination between customers for PTP generation and with collection teams for its realization, with the support of technology interventions like conference calls, GSM gateway based tracing.
  • Get alerts on risks at an early stage – With Vindhya’s call center intervention, the BFSI organization gets alerted on potential risks that harm their business such as delayed deposition of collected cash by the collection team, at an early stage.

Why outsource BFSI call center services to Vindhya?

With decade of expertise in serving top BFSI and MFI organizations, Vindhya has positioned itself as the market leader in offering BFSI call center services. Following special features make Vindhya stand out:

  • 24x7x365 support
  • Increase sales
  • Highly trained staff
  • Cost-effective services
  • Bucket X till NPA collections solution
  • A 360° approach for the entire cycle
  • Average resolutions of 96-98% assured
  • Progressive, Predictive, GSM Gateway supported dialing features

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