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Outsourcing E-mail support services – Manage customers’ queries through appropriate and quick responses

In today’s competitive business world, customers are the kings and their satisfaction matters the most. Almost all the companies emphasize on providing the best customer service. The foremost step is to ensure that customers’ queries are attended to in a courteous manner. Vindhya, an experienced outsource partner for e-mail support services, with our vast experience, understand the importance of an effective email communication and the benefits it creates for a company.

Vindhya offers a range of E-mail support services:

Customer Support

Involves resolving queries, issues or bottlenecks faced by customers with respect to company’s service or product

Technical Support

Step-by step- trouble shooting assistance can be given to customers so that they can follow up easily

Order Taking and Tracking

This is more useful for e-commerce companies where they can notify their customers about the shipping details for the product ordered and follow it up with tracking details of the shipment.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Email plays as a platform for a customer who would want to write a more detailed feedback and describe the assistance required/ issue he faces. Indirectly, this shows how much is your customer satisfied with your company.

Importance of Email Support Service

Need of the Hour

Outsourcing E-mail support services provides a great means to improve customer satisfaction since their concerns are addressed immediately and thereby increase your sales as well. In the current era of smart phone and having almost everyone online all the time, E-mail support service is highly relevant. Customers always want immediate action and a quick fix for problems they face. If companies do not speed up their responses in real-time, then they could lose stand over their customers.

Fastest E-mail Support Services

Vindhya, an experienced e-mail support service provider, assist you in building your company’s image by handling your customers’ email queries through our real-time email support services. Our resources that represent your company are well trained and experienced in providing complete and accurate assistance through mail. This greatly helps in reducing follow-ups and achieving quicker Turn Around Time.

Industries We Serve

Vindhya’s expertise in offering Email Support Services spreads across a variety of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Software
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Media and Communication
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Web Design/ Hosting
  • E-commerce

Benefits of going for E-mail support:

Easy Access

Nowadays you hardly see anybody without smart phone. Everyone has their email configured on their phones. If your customer faces any issue, he might send a mail at the very same time. Providing a timely response to their queries improves their level of satisfaction about your company’s services.

Detailed Description

Email facilitates the customers to give a detailed description about the issue they face with respect to the services/product. As customers get more time and space to explain accurately, as a company, it becomes easy for you to get a better grasp of the problem and take necessary steps to resolve it effectively.

Feature to Attach File

At times, addressing a concern would require supporting documents to help understand what exactly the issue is. For example, when a customer has received a damaged product, he would like to bring it to the notice of the company immediately and ask for a replacement. In this case, attaching a photo copy of the damaged product would add more value to the claim. Be it a photo copy or a scanned copy of invoice, attachment feature of mail becomes handy thereby increasing the value of E-mail support as well.


Anytime, a written communication is always trusted more than a verbal communication. It serves as a proof to be referred to in the future. A response to email sends out a message to customers that you’re taking their concerns seriously.

E-mail support service is an integral part of every company’s effort to achieve high customer satisfaction. Trust Vindhya, an expert E-mail support provider and outsource your e-mail support service requirement to us to build a professional and convenient platform for your customers. You can be assured that your customers’ satisfaction factor is well taken care of!

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Immediate, accurate response to customer’s queries
  • 24*7 dedicated E-mail support
  • Efficient and prompt handling of queries
  • Well trained and experienced resources

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