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Outbound Call Center Services

Outsource your Outbound call center needs to Vindhya, the able and expert hands in delivering quality outbound call center services!!!

Vindhya brings to the table a great deal of expertise and experience in handling a range of outbound calling services for our clients. In our experience, we trust and sketch the best scheme of solutions tailored to the needs of your company and assure the best outbound call center services!! We take great deal of pride in our capability to offer Outbound Calling Services in more than 11 Regional languages. With Vindhya, be assured that you are outsourcing any component of your business to the right person who has been in the industry long enough to understand the pros and cons of the Outbound Calling Services.

As an outbound call center acts as the point of contact for your customers, it is important to choose the right partner who perfectly understands your requirements, hires the right personnel to interact with your customers and achieve the purpose of each and every outbound calling service. Vindhya rightly understands this and works with the structured and detailed plan that caters to all of your needs. In other words, Vindhya is the one-stop solution for all your outbound call center requirements!!

An outbound calling service is of high importance for any company as it paves a way to strengthen your relationship with your customers by contacting them and to understand their needs and concerns and to chalk out a solution to improve the quality of customer experience. Thus, your company is benefitted in ways not one but many!!

For example, a welcome calling service, one of the popular outbound call center services, reinforces the point to your new customers that you are eager to have them onboard and creates a scenario where you can impress new customers by introducing your products and services. In C-SAT survey calling, an outbound call center service that is used to get feedback from your customers about their experience in using your product or service, serves as an excellent way of understanding where your company stands and the areas of concerns and improvement. This will have a great and effective impact on the success of your business as well.

Vindhya has a robust training framework comprising of on-boarding, induction, and modules that moulds the employees as the company’s job requirements. This assures you that only the best of the lot will be handling the outbound call calling services for you always!

An Expert Outbound Call Center Outsourcing partner that we are, our portfolio of Outbound Calling Services are many and so are the industries we serve. Vindhya prides in being India’s leading outsourcing partner for the loading MFIs. This speaks volumes about the quality of service that we do and the value addition that we bring to the associated companies.

Outbound Calling Services that We Offer are Listed Below:

  • Welcome Calling
  • Tele-verification
  • Lead Generation
  • Payment Reminders
  • Loan Utilization Check
  • Bucket 0-90 DPD Collection
  • NPA Collection
  • C-SAT Survey
  • Credit Appraisal
  • E-commerce Recruitment Solution
  • E-Commerce Seller On-boarding
  • Telecom Customer Retention
  • Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Market Research Calling
  • Patient Calling

Key Features of Our Outbound Call Center Services

By outsourcing your Outbound Call Center needs to Vindhya, you can concentrate on building up your core business components being confident and assured that your outbound call center needs are in capable hands.

Few of Vindhya’s key features of Outbound Calling Services that are offered to you:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Screen pop-ups for call details
  • Screen pop-ups for guiding executives on call
  • Sophisticated Predictive Dialler
  • Call Barge-in
  • IVR
  • Snoop and Whispering
  • Multi-number Dialling
  • Scheduled Call-back
  • Do Not Call list management

Industries We Serve

Vindhya’s expertise in offering Outbound Call Center Services spreads across a variety of industries including:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • MFIs & NBFCs
  • E-Governance
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunication
  • Food & Beverages
  • Market Research
  • Logistics
  • Higher Education

Benefits of Partnering with us:

Robust Training Framework

Leveraging our proven quality methodology, practices and tools, Vindhya demonstrates commitment to quality on a day-to-day basis. We use our quality data to create actionable performance plans for our staff, to ensure continuous improvement and skill development/enhancing. We train our resources on basic LEAN tools such as 5 Whys, Poka-yoke, etc to have quality driven from the first stage.

Vindhya assures you to have the well-trained and knowledgeable executives represent your company to your customers. A robust training module is designed in line with the service requirements and executives are put into extensive training and feedback-coaching-monitoring cycle is followed to assess them at many levels and prepare them to take top quality outbound calls for you.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Having strong business acumen of over 10+ years of learning and serving of numerous clientele, Vindhya sets a strong foundation to its projects by driving continuous improvements with a dedicated team of Delivery Excellence. Driving Continuous Improvement with our people at the fore-front has resulted in adding significant extra-miles to our quality of delivery.

Quality Service with Value Additions

Vindhya follows a step-by-step approach to ensure quality of service:

  • Understanding complete cycle of data & aligning our deliverables to subsequent stages
  • Scope Analysis in various attributes like methods of sharing data, sorting, allocating
  • Identifying stages that can improve the quality of delivery
  • Identifying Critical to Quality aspects from Quality monitoring and share it with companies to take remedial measures
  • Dedicated team driven by the motto: Customer Satisfaction
  • High quality delivery backed by ISO 9001-2000 standard process
  • Cost Effective and Process Efficient
  • Improved end-customer satisfaction through lesser Turn Around Time
  • Proven offshore model backed by sound process
  • Experienced core team to ensure delivery as per your requirements and expectations
  • Domain experts to oversee projects in specific domains
  • Continuous process improvements to save costs
  • Providing “Double Bottom-Line” for clients from cost saving as well as CSR perspective

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