Celebrating the Women!

Nayan R
December 2, 2023

March 8th is the daythe world celebrates all the courageous and inspiring women around us who areshaping the homes and the world towards betterment. It is a day to remind thewomen of how strong they are and that they must stand for each other, support eachother and be there for each other. Having said that, for women who continue towork all the day, at home or office, it is a day to take break, be at leisureand do something for themselves, something that they have been giving a missfor a long time and have fun! That’s exactly what women of Vindhya do, everyyear. Celebrate Women’s Day in a grand manner.

Events are planned a month ahead and are conducted a week ahead of March 8th. The interests of women are kept in mind and the events are designed accordingly. Two years ago, we had a cultural fashion show that saw women from various states adorning their state’s traditional costume and walk the ramp! It was a huge hit! Last year saw huge turnout for rangoli competition, an event that is a must in every women’s day celebration.

Last year Rangoli Competition
Traditional Ramp Walk

In 2019, we had new eventsplanned and all the events saw good number of participation. Let’s see one byone, shall we?

Day 1: Mehendi Competition

You don’t need any explanationabout this, do you? So, let’s straight away dive into the pictures for theyspeak volumes! Beautiful designs were chosen to be gifted on the main day.

Mehendi Arts

Day 2: Slogan competition

It is assumed that Women’s dayusually sees participation only from women, right? But not this time! We wantedto know what men think of women in their lives and let them write about them inany language but with a small condition – it must be a slogan; not an essay :-DBoy! Were we surprised or what! We saw many submissions from men more thanwomen! And they were all meaningful portraying how much men value women intheir lives! Winners with best slogan were chosen to be gifted on the main day.Sharing them here for you to read!

Day 3: What’s in the bag?

This is a quick 2 minutes gamethat requires a handful of items that women use every day. Collect items likesafety pins, hair pins, watch and few cosmetics items to make the count to 20 or25. Put all of them in a bag and call every woman employee. She must close hereyes, touch and feel the items, one by one within the given time limit, say 1minute. Immediately, within next 1 minute, she must write down the names ofitems that she touched and could recollect. The one that has the maximum rightnames is the winner!! It is one of the quick and interesting memory games! Thiscompetition was a huge hit since many wanted to test their memory power andswiftness.

Writing the items name!!

One more speciality about thiscompetition is that, even visually impaired could participate. Since thisinvolves touch and feel, they were really excited to test their senses andmemory power. They felt really happy when they were able to recollect most ofthe items they felt in their hands.

Day 4: Rangoli Competition

Like Mehendi, rangoli is anotherspecial event. It is a form of expressing your artistic skills. Adding colorsto your imagination! Rules are simple: top 4 beautifully and intrinsicallydrawn rangoli within 1 hour and the given space will be awarded. It wasmeasured considering symmetry of the design, choice of colors and the overalllook. Sharing the colourful art works of Vindhyans!!

The main day, March 8th!

Event began at 6 PM. Women ofVindhya, decked up beautifully, thronged the venue; all excited to know what isin store for them in the special evening! It was really good to see the placejam-packed. Celebrations began with welcoming the crowd and stating the reasonbehind celebrating women’s day though everyday is women’s day out there! It wasfollowed by a prayer song sung by the super singers of Vindhya, all of themvisually impaired who are gifted with melodious voices! In parallel, Ms.Pavithra was joined by few more to light the lamp and mark the beginning theevent.

Wave of Women!!
Prayer song; Lamp Lighting

Time to sing and dance your heart out

Next there were a string ofsingers and dancers who walked up to the stage and entertained the audience.All the performers were encouraged with rounds of claps and whistles, forwanting more! Dance had variety ranging from semi-classical dance, group dance;a mash-up of hit songs ensuring audience got to enjoy moves from various genresof songs. Mash up dance was a hit since it was beautifully choreographed andincluded many up-beat songs.

Here comes the best and surprise part!

Every year, women’s day had beenwomen performing for fellow women. But 2019 saw a guy coming up to sing anddance for his women colleagues! He was given the loudest welcome we have everseen. And he made his first the best! He sang beautifully and danced like apro! His performance was a huge hit that he was requested to continue even whenhe had to stop due to time constraint! He came up for the second time,continued to dance and girls were thrilled!

Special Show by Nirmal!

Prize distribution

Next was the most awaited part ofthe evening, distribution of prizes for the winners. Ms. Pavithra was the chiefguest who handed over personalized mugs as gifts for all the winners. Happinessof receiving gift from the MD herself was evident in all the winners’ faces.

Special appearance!

This mini package came as a sweetsurprise for all of us. She volunteered to dance and how could we notaccommodate her! She danced so beautifully and was joined impromptu by Yeshodhamadam on stage!

Sweet surprise!

Game time!

To break the monotony, there wasa quick game planned in which pictures of successful women were shown one byone and audience had to say who it was and say what she is famous for. There were10 pictures and everybody guessed all of it right! And they were quick at it!

Ms. Pavithra’s Speech

Chief Guest addressed thegathering wishing them and thanking for active and enthusiastic participation.She also thanked all the organizers who had out in efforts to make this celebrationa grand success that it was.

It was followed by many womenvolunteering themselves to sings and dance for peppy songs. Last dance was by Rajkumarwho went up and showed his super dancing skills. It was as if he had practicedfor long! It would be hard to believe it was an impromptu attempt!

Celebrations came to a happyending with many coming together for group pictures with Pavithra madam andtheir friends!

A special day ended on a very very happy note for all the women!!

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