Women's Day Celebrations - 2020

Nayan R
December 2, 2023

Hello People!

It is that happy time of the year for the women of Vindhya to come together and celebrate the womanhood. Every year, it is one of the celebrations that all of us look forward to. A day to take break from the work, at home or at office, chill out and have fun with friends. If you wish to take a walk down the memory lane and see how last year’s celebrations were, please click here.

Let’s see this year’s events and what was the surprise element, shall we? Unlike previous years, this year, we had color-coordinated week of competitions. Women painted the floors with the uniform colors, each day.

Rangoli Competition

Last year, rangoli was a big hit havingseen many participants. It felt like that enthusiasm grew much stronger as theturnout for this year was more than last year’s. You may feel, what’s sodifferent or could there be anything special at all about a rangolicompetition? Answer is yes. Usually it will be a one person drawing andcolouring the rangoli or a team of 2 ladies, helping each other. But, thisyear, we had tweaked that a bit and welcomed men as the 2nd memberof the team! So, ladies have to draw the rangoli and their partner must colourit as he wishes. With few rules, of course! Women shouldn’t help men with thecolor they choose, the way they spray/apply the color powder. Men were givenfull freedom to test their skills and boy! They did rock with their choices!All the rangoli looked very beautiful that judges had tough time deciding thewinners!

Through this we also made a pointthat when men equally participate in the chores, it makes lives much easier!Sharing few shots here..

Mehendi Competition

It needs no explanation, does it? As usual, there were lot of participants in both Hyderabad and Bangalore offices. While rangoli at Bangalore office had men joining the team, Hyderabad team welcomed them in for mehendi. It was guys who drew the mehendi art, for the first time! We were in for a great surprise, indeed. Also, Hyderabad team had special cake cutting arranged for the special day. the highlight of Hyderabad team celebrations is them posing with this year's theme, "Each for Equal" ! High time we followed it, right?

One minute games

This is quite popular everywhere.One minute games are mostly played with paper cups and as a team. Organisershave arranged a 4-stage game where each stage will be played by one person fromthe team. After completion, another person will continue with the next stageand so on. The team that takes less time to successfully complete all thestages is the winner. It was fun to watch how something that looks easy to do,something as simple as flipping a paper cup and making it stand upside down,seemed very difficult when it was actually done. It wasn’t as easy a task to doas it looked. Imagine how tough other stages would have been had this flippingactivity was only stage-2!! Truly difficult and bravo, many teams emergedwinners completing all the stages within the stipulated time frame.

Miss Vindhya Contest

This is a new entrant of theyear. This will remind you of the famous Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universecontests where beauty, smile, intelligence, presence of mind and many otherqualities are considered as selection criteria. But, for Vindhya, the onlyselection criterion is and will always be, the “attitude”. So, it was an opencontest that had titles such as Miss Inclusive, Miss Inspirational, MissApproachable, Miss Supportive and Miss Energetic for other employees tonominate their women colleagues who seemed deserving for winning the titles.

From the nominees, final fourwere chosen and were crowned the titles on the main day.

Miss Inclusive - Ms. Shivamma

Miss Inspirational - Ms. Vaishali

Miss Approachable – Ms. Chandralekha

Miss Energetic – Ms. Rashiamma

Miss Supportive – Ms. Kuppamma

Want to know what made them winthe titles? That will make for the next post. Soon.

Miss Vindhya contest winners

The Main day, March 11th

Event started at 4.30 pm andladies, all decked up beautifully in yellow, thronged the place with muchexcitement. A sea of yellow that was! Celebrations began with welcoming thecrowd and walking them through the past women’s day celebrations at Vindhya andwhy it is important to celebrate the special day. Many might have been part ofmore than 3 to 4 women’s day celebrations, but, there were plenty of new comersin the crowd as well. Should they not know how grandly it is celebrated everyyear?! Hence, the walk through using pictures taken during previouscelebrations.


It was followed by devotionalsong sung by our own talented singers, a team of visually impaired people. Asthey sang, Ms. Pavithra was joined by few to light the lamp marking thebeginning of the event.

String of entertainment

Audience was entertained bysolo/group singing and dancing that was well choreographed and much enjoyed.Claps and whistles stood testimony to that. Hit songs were chosen for dance toensure audience had great fun.

Prize distribution

Here comes the most awaited part.Announcement of winners and the prizes. Managers gave the gifts andcertificates to the winners of mehendi, rangoli competitions. Winners of thespecial one, Miss Vindhya Contest, were announced and crowned with a sash thatcarried the title that they have won. Through this, everyone got to know whybeing inclusive, supportive, inspirational, and approachable is very importantand is the need of the hour to have an equal and inclusive work environment.

Similarly, in Hyderabad office,the winners received surprise gifts from their colleagues applauding their efforts.

Chief guest Speech

Ms. Pavithra, chief guest,thanked all for enthusiastically participating in all the competitions, adheringto the color code each day, and nominating their colleagues for the MissVindhya contest titles. It shows how eagerly they wait for this time of theyear.

Group dance and pictures, happyselfies marked ending of this year’s women’s day celebrations!! Can’t wait for2021!!

On the other note, please take necessary precautions and stay safe!! #COVID-19