Dancing to the Tunes of Our Hearts!

Nayan R
December 2, 2023

What could be a better introduction to Vindhya than getting thrown head-first into its people and its culture of music, stories, family, and dance at Vindhya’s 16th birthday party. More than 600 employees came in from various teams, shifts, and villages to celebrate. For them, this may have been their typical Vindhyan office party, but for me, an American in only her second week at the company, it was very special.

Get Down to Dance!

I learned very quickly that at Vindhya, there is no shame in any dancing when I, an uncoordinated white girl who has never had one step of dance in her life, was reluctantly pulled onstage … and cheered on. It was such a positive and supportive room through and through. Whether a brand-new hire or a manager, an amateur or trained performer, everyone danced full energy without a care in the world. The party started with choreographed dances on stage and ended with all 1,200+ feet dancing together. It even included specialty dances for the visually, physically, and hearing impaired. The blind were guided by their colleagues. The physically impaired could breakdance on their hands. And the hearing impaired danced to the vibrations in a way I didn’t know possible. These dancers showed undoubtedly the purest joy I’d seen in a long while.

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Hearing Imapired, Visually Challenged and Physically challenged employees dancing their heart out

What’s a Birthday Without Gifts!

At the party, the management team was given flowers by the office and in turn, they gave gifts including precious metals to every employee. When I asked management why they give gifts for every tenure, they said they hoped that every employee knows they are valued by Vindhya and also a person worthy of precious gifts … and who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts!

Foundation of Vindhya!

Switching Places With the CEO!

Want to hear a room full of 600 laughs? Have your employees interview the CEO! (e.g., “What is your first love: the office, your kids, or sir?”) As Ms. Pavithra is first-rate at knowing each employee personally, Vindhya gave the opportunity for employees to get to know her personally in a Q&A and open forum where anything could be asked. We heard heartwarming, tear-inducing stories of the struggles in her life and while starting Vindhya from the ground up, and we also got a few laughs. My personal favorite was, “Would you rather go to the mountains or the jungle or a third location?” Ms. Pavithra proudly answered, “Vindhya e-Infomedia Pvt Ltd”, as the office erupted in praise. The informality and easiness of the Q&A was comparable to that of a conversation in a mom-and-pop shop. Having company pride and friendly, informal relations from top to bottom was an uplifting surprise to me for such a big company.

Open Forum with the MD

A Care for the Family, At Home and At Work

Vindhya’s care for each employee extends to a care for their family at home. As a surprise for all the dads in the room, they projected a video and photo montage of their young kids expressing love and gratitude for Father’s Day. With each new child’s face, you could hear an “aww” as all eyes, many teary, turned towards the father. As a manager and a director filled me in on whose kid was whose, it was inspiring to realize not only did they know all their employees by name, but they even knew their kids.

Even after my time as an intern has passed, I wish you, Vindhya, many more years full of music, stories, work, dance, laughs, love, and family. Hold onto your people and your culture, they are both truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday Vindhya!

Together, always, for good!

Author: Megan Ohlinger, University student interning at Vindhya