December 2, 2023

Vindhya takes pride in saying that till the level of Assistant Manager, it is only an internal recruitment. We find the leaders within ourselves and train them to grow up the ladder. In order to achieve this, it is important to identify the future leaders, groom them and instill all the necessary skills that will assist them in excelling at their jobs. Those are the future leaders of Vindhya.

Super-30 is launched as part of Vin-Aspire platform that is aimed at enabling development and career advancement of employees who are at the level of “Associates”. It is a comprehensive training program for the future leaders of Vindhya.

It is a combination of class-room training, trainer-driven workshops, assessments that enhance core leadership skills.

Industry and Subject MatterExperts would be invited to drive this training program at the end of which wewould be looking at Vindhya’s Super 30, future leaders!!!

Yesterday was the inauguralsession of Super-30. Prof. Nanaiah, Dean- Industry Interactions from ISBRBusiness School was the chief guest. He brings to the table an experience andexpertise of 25 years of serving in various fields including marketing,manufacturing, industry and academics.

Ongoing session on Johari Window

The identified team was diversein itself since few were meeting each other for the first time. It made sensein discussing about managing diversity, to start with and continuing with icebreaking session. Later, discussion shifted to the most important topic of theday, JOHARI WINDOW.


What does it mean? The Johari window is a techniquethat helps people better understand their relationship withthemselves and others and is used primarily in self-help groupsand corporate settings as a heuristic exercise, says its wiki page.

Based on this concept, each individual was asked to answer the following questions leading them to take time, think, analyse themselves, something that we have stopped doing off late

  1. Those 3 things that you think, others know about you
  2. Those 3 things that others do not know about you
  3. 5 positives/ negatives about any 2 random persons seated in the room

It was time to stop thinking about others and the surrounding but think about selves! Questions seemed easy but to actually work on it, were difficult! There were many take away points of which one stood out – talking negative about a person isn’t always about negative aspects of one’s character; it is also about pointing one’s areas of improvement. How true!

Johari window session wasinteractive since the concept was new to everybody and there were questionsaplenty, some after insisting and prodding. The day ended with forming team forthe next session’s team activities! One feedback that we received was that allof them are already excited to start team activities and learn by playing!! Goodstart, indeed!

Will keep you posted regularly onSuper-30 whenever the session happens! Stay tuned!